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[ Other Characters ] :

[ Character's Name ] : Vampire King Duzell
[ Character's Age ] : 20 in appearance
[ Series ] : Vampire Game
[ Canon Point ] : Post 14th Volume of Manga
[ History ] :

[ Past ]

He was the vampire king. The most powerful of all undead and he waged war upon the human land of Pheliosta for its throne. Why did he do it? It was because he was bored with his existence. He was bored with a meaningless life of immortality. He wanted to give world domination a shot, and he did. His servants aided him, but they were doing it because that had to. Their existence would be meaningless and they would turn to dust if they didn't obey. He along with his right hand, man who made him even more powerful waged war. This war was known as the 'War of Lost Souls.' It was a struggle against humans and vampires.

A man stood in his way before he could take Pheliosta. This man with his powerful weapon mortally wounded the vampire king and with the last ounce of his power, he used 'La Gamme,' a destructive magic spell that would obliterate the vampire king from existence but he had to perish along as well. He was a hero and a saint, and Duzell cursed the Phelios before his demise. 'After one century of darkness your soul will live again in the body of one of your descendants. At that time I will also be reborn and when we meet, I will drain your blood and tear your body limb from limb, and laugh while your soul writhes, condemned for an eternity to a lake of fire.' (Vampire Game Volume 1 PG. 7)

[ 99 1/2 years later ]

He wandered the darkness for at least 99 1/2 years before he found the enraged female animal to make a pact with. He would grant her the revenge that she wanted but in place he requested a body to house his soul. With that mutual agreement, he possessed the enraged kyarru and tore up the humans that had killed her babies for amusement. They accidentally slaughtered a man that was a bystander, hence the kyarru would not mind dying to the boy's hand when her revenge was complete. The vampire king, however was confused with her sense of logic.

The revenge was finally complete, but Duzell picked up the scent of a human. He was blinded by the fact that the girl was a relative of Phelios with his sword, Sidia, charged at her, unaware that the royal knight was behind the kyarru. It was killed instantly. The young girl then known as Phelios' great-granddaughter Princess Ishtar, adopted the baby kyarru that the dead female kyarru had given birth to, not knowing that it was really Duzell. Ishtar was the first person to show him that she cared about him and with that he even told her who he was. As shocked as she was in the end, the princess still agreed to assist him.

[ La Naan ]

After Ishtar promised to help him out they were off to La Naan to meet her three cousins by her aunt's invite. There Ishtar forced Duzell to disguise as her, taking her form and fighting his way through a martial arts competition for her. He certainly had no idea why he was forced into this, but she gave him the good excuse of cutting up the princes in the fighting ring and testing their blood. He almost had a chance to test Seiliez's blood but failed to do so because he assumed that Ishtar was playing around. After being scolded, he realized that the princess was badly rubbing off on him. So he continued to fight his way through rounds and even stole a kiss from Seiliez. The poor boy, however assumed he was Ishtar so he kissed back.

As this arc progresses, Duzell realized and found out by word of mouth that none of the princes were connected to Phelios. They were all adopted.

It pissed off the vampire king knowing that his time was wasted, despite his immortality. He then vigorously made it to the finals, but at the same time the youngest prince had set up a trap for the kyarru. He then stranded the kyarru for Duzell in the middle of a forest. Duzell had to fight his way back to La Naan. At midpoint he ran into the second prince fighting a vampire. He assumed the vampire was his ally so he saved him, only the vampire wasn't his companion and almost killed him a second time, if not for Laphiji healing him and sending him back to Ishtar. In a way Duzell had somehow told Ishtar of the situation and they got Laphiji back.

Duzell was still very unhappy with the fact that he was forced to be thrown out in the middle of a forest, but h his newest lesson learned was that about a family. It confused him greatly so to say.

[ Ci Xeneth ]

After a brief return to Pheliosta, Ishtar questioned about her Lilke Ring and then reminded Duzell that they needed to go back to La Naan. Duzell questioned why and Ishtar explained the whole fiasco with the adopted princes and how Seiliez was definitely a son of a whore but was still a descendant of Phelios, so Duzell had to try his blood. Duzell was a little angry and before he could protest they were off the boarder of Ci Xeneth. That was where they got caught up in a tussle with the bandits. Duzell kicked their asses using Sidia but without unsheathing the bloody sword. Ishtar got injured in the process and Ci Xeneth's knights came to retrieve the bandits.

When the young warrior by the name of Illsaide drew Sidia from its sheath, Duzell immediately shouted 'Pehlios,' and confusing the masses even more. Illsaide, however asked Duzell to 'be' his 'man.' At first he was skeptical of the brat, but Ishtar convinced him that this might be an ways way of getting into the castle. Complying to that, he agreed to be Illsaide's 'man' which really meant 'girlfriend,' due to Ishtar's bad acting skills. She went around telling everyone Duzell was her sister and that she was his brother. Of course that didn't stop the vampire from developing a small crush on Illsaide.

The situation after that was troublesome. Vord came looking for Ishtar and mistook Duzell as her. He kept yelling at the vampire until he got even more confused when someone told him it wasn't 'Ishta' but it was 'Du.' Duzell escaped barely with that and made his way down the hallway and trying to kill a monster int he process. Illsaide saved him from the water monster after he yelled at Ishtar a while ago. He runs off with Falan while Ishtar already left to find her uncle. When he returns his feelings get hurt because Illsaide never really liked him in the first place and loved Falan instead. That ended in a sour note and he was hurt for a bit until he got over it being the oh so proud vampire king he was.

[ Zi Alda ]

The half a year mark. Duzell obtained most of his powers and was able to take his true form. A tall male with silver hair and red eyes. He attempted to drink Ishtar's blood again to determine if she was Phelios' reincarnation or not since he had lingering thoughts about that. He didn't get a chance to because Darres and Sir Keld went looking for Ishtar and telling the girl that her aunt was sick and she needed to hurry off to Zi Alda. Ishtar with her heart of gold went and Duzell followed as always. It turned out to be a fluke when they got there. Duzell was a little annoyed and Ishtar was pissed. He had to listen to her complain a while before she was fine again.

While Ishtar had her spat, Duzell went and explored Zi Alda learning about the prince of Zi Alda and what his flings were like. Honestly he wasn't disturbed but he was pretty much irked by it in one way or another. He found Ishtar's Aunt first and listened to her conversation about that girl Leene and Yuujel. The Lady Sonia fainted and Duzell took her within his care. He then returned and told Ishtar that her Aunt was indeed very sick and that she didn't have much time to live. Ishtar asked how long and he told her a decade. Ishtar was a little sad but she dealt with it for the time being. Duzell just watched her as he always did.

He told her about Yuujel and learning fro, Ishtar that the magic teacher Yujinn and Yuujel were the same person. He felt even more uncomfortable since Yujinn always gave him weird vibes and knowing that he was Yuujel of Zi Alda, it made it harder for him to want to bite this guy. He really doesn't like Yujinn all that much. When he told Ishtar about her aunt's condition, he offered to make a vampire, but Ishtar would rather not. She turned the tables on him and told him that she would rather have Darres as a vampire. It sparked an unknown feeling from Duzell. A feeling that he doesn't particularly understand at this point. They left the conversation at that. Ishtar a favour of him later and he was exploring about being fawned by all those annoying girls and even old ladies. He also ran into Sharlen, who he thought was Diaage at first. He was very confused and looked around for more clues. When he realized who Sharlen was, he confronted the other vampire only to be mocked for his softness and diminishing coldness.

He admits to being softer but he doesn't back down. He wanted answers from Sharlen and he was going to get them considering the damn vampire was haunting the Pheliostan Royal Family. He didn't get why. After that Ishtar was almost poisoned again by Leene and he was disguised as a cat. She asked him to heal her if anything happened but Darres drank it instead. He seemed fine. Ishtar was beyond infuriated and went as far as to threaten Leene. He heard. After that the whole issue was over and done with. They went back home for some relaxing time. At least until another crisis arises. Lady Sonia dies not too long after their visit and Ishtar asked Vord to represent them since she didn't feel comfortable about being near her family. Duzell apologized for not being able to do much fro Ishtar. He was riled up while Ishtar seemed to be fine with it. She was crying but she was calm about it before running off to hear the news from Sir Keld. Duzell on the other hand lost yet another chance to bite at Yuujel, not that he really wanted to. It was something he could get back to later. That's what Duzell thought anyway.

[ Mil Seii ]

Yuujel ended up making some informal papers and declaring that Darres was his half brother. That caused an uproar with most of the family though it didn't seem like it did. The person that seemed displeased with it the most was Lassen, Ishtar's distant cousin who supposedly poisoned his parents so that he could take their title. At least that was the rumour. He was also a conniving guy who wanted to take over Pheliosta from what Duzell learned. He had yet to meet this guy. Falan gets kidnapped and no one knows what happened. Ishtar wanted Duzell to go out and find her but he told her to stay put and let Illsaide do the job. Duzell stayed with Ishtar as they settled things back in Pheliosta.

It seemed like Lassen, her cousin wanted to start a civil war with Pheliosta. Duzell also met a long companion and loyal servant, Rishas. He was reborn again as a female in the doomed land of Lodoc and was Lassen's love and interest. Rishas refused to believe that Duzell had changed and the two had a serious conversation. In the end he left Rishas behind. We can't be having that so Ishtar begged Duzell to help out and he did by making sure that Darres was able to pull out Sidia out because Sidia the Holy Sword can only be drawn by the descendants of St. Phelios.

If it was left in the wrong hands, mass chaos would start. Sidia was a powerful weapon that defeated Duzell and if it didn't have a lock on it it then it wouldn't be the weapon it was. Duzell managed to switch Ishtar and Darres' blood so that he could draw the sword. In the end he had to undo the blood spell so he took them back. He then returned to help clean up the mess because Ishtar asked him too and he was angry that he had to in the first place. He didn't see why he had to. It wasn't in his place but he did it anyway because it was Ishtar.

[ Rezenia ]

Duzell gets startled by meeting the woman that Ishtar had a grudge against for some stupid reason. Her name was Selen and when a calm came, a storm followed. Duzell was left in the dark because he didn't know where Rezenia was and Falan was found in the least. Ishtar was glad and she wanted to help wake up Falan. Darres and Yujinn went to Rezenia with Vord and Selen in order to find some information regarding Falan's state of unconsciousness. They said that the vampire that cast the spell on her should be the one to remove it and in that case it was Sharlen and Duzell was in no mood to try to convince that vampire to do anything for that. He also learned that Sharlen was the son of Diaage and St. Phelios.He literally was a ghost of the House of Phelios. Duzell knew his cold hatred for the bloodline. His mother died to help his father. He doesn't want to deal with that.

Duzell then proceeded to do anything in his power to help out while being dragged into situations where he couldn't control. Lassen managed to trick him and lock him in an enchanted room. That enchanted room started to deplete drastically and Lassen was waiting for the moment that Duzell was weak enough to fight him. Duzell managed to get helped by Darres and a servant he long disposed of. He then understood what it meant to sacrifice for someone and understanding that, he decided to save Ishtar and Darres by using the suicide spell, La Gamme. Despite all of Ishtar's cry he refused to stop with the spell and killing Lassen with him.

Wiki Information

[ Personality ] :
In his past, Duzell was known as the Vampire King. The proud and prideful. He had no strings attached to him. He was a manipulating vampire who made things work the way he wanted. He created subjects that were mere puppets to serve for his boredom. Duzell saw everyone the same. Humans were toys and pawns for him to tinker with until he wanted to dispose of them. Vampire servants were merely there to carry out his demonic deeds. He didn't care, and frankly it made him the most fearful person during his glory days. He is the type of vampire who will do absolutely anything to get what he wants and even if it meant stepping on innocents to get to it, he would do just that. When he was bored enough he could wage war in which he gladly did with Pheliosta. He despised humans. They were his food and he simply could care less about them. He stopped caring about his own race and started a war because he was tired of his existence. The fact that vampires lived for a long time bored him. He had nothing else better to do at that time then take over the world. He didn't succeed however. He was killed and infuriated at that point cursed the man that killed him.

The present Duzell is a lot different. He holds the traits of a vampire king, proud and strong. He is prideful and will do anything in his power to protect his pride. If people were to hurt his pride, they'd pay the price for it. Pretty much it's an eye for an eye. He's not too fond of having his pride damaged. He's arrogant and conniving. He does look down to people and that was a hard habit to break. He likes to taunt others and mock them when they are weak. He's always very smug and doesn't much emotions when he's taking his true form, though when he was still stuck pretending to be Ishtar he learned quite a lot of things such as being angered easily and embarrassed. He even learned how it was like to have a crush on someone and to like someone.

A huge turning point in his personality is in the mid series of Vampire Game he learns how to care for people and think about their feelings on top of his usual attitude towards humans and emotions. He displays little of it later in the manga but he learned how to love and that was a big change for him. Duzell would be able to do anything for the people he loved and the loved ones of that person. In his case, he ironically fell in love with his enemy's great granddaughter. It took someone that was close to him to tell him that he was behaving differently because of Ishtar. The reason why he had slowly let go of his past self and molding into this neutral vampire that was neither good or bad but he still had his usual personality.

If it isn't Ishtar, he would be cold and detached. He's skeptical and very strategic considering he wiped almost half a population of humanity before he was killed. That won't happen a second time since he not so bored anymore. Duzell is intelligent and it shows in the manga because he could memorize Ishtar's spell book and that's a lot of magic spells in an unknown spell casting language that she has to memorize it by. He learned quite a lot about holy spells. It also shows when Ishtar provided him with books about Rezenia and Duzell memorized and knew the location after reading about it and seeing the images. He managed to teleport the two of them to the right spot in Rezenia, despite not being there once in his life. He isn't someone to be underestimated and even if he appears as if he didn't know what he was doing, he does. Duzell can plan things under his belt without much effort.

It helps when you're over a few centuries old and lived longer than any other human being and vampire on the face of the earth. He can be sarcastic if time proves for it. Duzell has the tendency to remain calm and collected throughout most of the series when he obtains his true form. I'm not quite sure if it is because he has his own appearance back or because he learned to keep his emotions in check versus the first half of the manga where he consistently gets angry at Ishtar for doing stupid things. Duzell doesn't know how to love or be loved in return. He learned that during his time spent with Ishtar and her family and friends. He could never truly understand why humans died for each other or why they did the things they did for one another. Ishtar taught him how to understand love and compassion. The ways of being merciful and gentle. He might not appear it most of the time be he was going through a huge drastic change within himself.

Duzell tends to go on and off with his overall personality. With Ishtar he would be a lot gentler and kinder even if he's always calling her names, but with others such as Yujinn, or even people like Sharlen, he displays his usual proud emotions. Duzell is a proud and arrogant vampire. He knows that he is stronger than most people so he proceeds to obviously display it. Duzell acknowledges the ones that are worthy of his praise. He doesn't praise people easily and when he does he honestly means them. Lassen and Illsaide fall in that category. Lassen for being the cruel and proud just like him in the past, and Illsaide for being a half monster who can use stunning magic.

[ Strengths/Weaknesses ] :


Black Magic: The opposite of Holy Magic. Instead of using it against evil it's used for evil. The attributes of this type of magic is downright as dark as its name. It comes with your usual exploding and elemental type spells only a lot more dangerous than the usual Holy or Elemental Spells. It's commonly used by black mages, and vampires, as well as humans who have fallen to the dark side. This type of magic is also similar to Holy Magic because there are incantations that need to be recited before casting each spell.

Blood Magic: A form of magic used among all types of vampires mainly the elite. It's the easiest types of magic for vampires. With a few droplets of their blood, vampires can use this type of magic quickly. It makes it easier to attack enemies and destroy incoming threats. It has no incantations and it can range from a simple spell of neutralizing to a spell of complete destruction. The more blood that is offered to the spell, the more accurate and powerful it becomes. Among the many spells, 'The Guardian,' is probably a good example. It's a blood transfusion really. The spell allows a vampire or the caster to give a part of his life force to someone else. A spell that vampires rarely used, but various of times used during Duzell's rebirth.

Holy Magic: Duzell's kind cannot use Holy Magic, and Duzell was the first of his kind to be able to use it. However, the fact that Holy Spells can be used with Duzell was because of the room that he was trapped in. It was filled with charms and legsarams that somehow neutralize his vampiric powers enough for him to use Holy Magic. He hasn't attempted any spells, but judging by the time he spends staring at them because of Ishtar, Duzell knows quite a lot and the 'La Gamme,' spell is the one that he actually could use. It's the spell of destruction that use a person's life force as a weapon. But it's suicide really if anyone uses the spell. The caster perishes with the target.

Other Magic: Duzell is also capable of some form of spells that don't have a category. A prime example is the 'Truth,' spell Duzell used. It's very similar to the ability that vampires have in certain legends or myths. It makes the person tell the truth about anything and everything and no one can stop it from being done.

Swordsmanship: He's been alive for a few good centuries and outlived over a hundred thousand human lives, Duzell's swordsmanship is impeccable. He can even draw blood with an edgeless sword. His skills are downright fluid and quick. Even though he is a great swordsman, he often prefers his magic over it. Though, he could defend himself even better with his sword abilities.

Inhuman Speed: The ability to move faster than any human eye can catch.

Inhuman Strength: The extremely strong physical strength of any vampires. Duzell can break simple things to large cement walls. He is a lot stronger than he appears.

Shape-Shifting: With anyone's blood he could take their form without a second thought. He could make a perfect copy and no one can ever tell. He can also change his gender from male to female when he chooses to, but his actual gender is male, despite the fact that he could be a female if he wanted as well. Duzell is also capable of changing into a small black bat when he chooses to move around easily. Duzell can naturally change back into a kyarru for hiding matters. Unless someone is a vampire or have a great sense of smell they won't connect that cute ol' Duzie is really Duzell the Vampire King.

Teleportation Magic: If Duzell is familiar with the vicinity and the places then he can easily transport anyone to that spot, and it only works when he knows the place by heart, or seen the place before. If not, it will either be a little off, or something completely off. He likes to poof and invade personal space without a second thought and no he doesn't care about anyone's feelings.


Ishtar: Ishtar is a huge weakness for him. He's in love with her and he does a lot of crazy things for her. IT wouldn't be surprising that if anyone threatened her, he'd be out to hunt them for that reason. He's not exactly the nicest guy when it comes to his loved ones being threatened, well mostly Ishtar since he's quite detached from her family and such things like that.

Holy Magic: It makes him very unsteady. Any form of holy magic or anything that's close to pure light based attacks is his majour weakness. If he is hit with them he could get scratches up to huge injuries. If he is surrounded by this type of magic it does start to weaken him.

Midnight: Is when his powers are at it's peak. I guess it means that point in time in which he would be his weakest. If anyone would try to take him on in this state has at least a small chance of winning but you'd have to be just a strong as he is. That's the downside.

Blood: He needs it to live so it's a huge problem for him. Chances are he might be going hunting every now and then for human blood so he could sustain himself but unlike most vampires he doesn't need too much blood to survive. He needs a good fair amount for him to live off of for months...really.

Ruelles: Anyone possessing any type of magical holy weapon or magical trinkets that are suppose to ward out the undead, Duzell is weakened by those and easily damaged by those depending on the severity level of the item. For example if it were a Vampire Hunter Weapon then he would be screwed for a while unless he can evade most of it. Ruelles also mean any magical item that can be grouped in one spot and lock him in there and he will definitely be weakened to the point that he could be killed as well. A very torturous method.

[ Other Important Facts ] :
Duzell can actually change in between three specific forms. One is a harmless house cat with golden eyes and silver fur. It looks like a cross between a lion and a wildcat. He's practically harmless in this form and won't do anymore than bite someone but he can also make sure that it conceals his identity except to other vampires or people who are aware of the supernatural. He can also take Ishtar's form when he feels like disguising himself and pretending to be Ishtar for half a year kept him at it. The last form is his true form; a tall man with silver hair and blood red eyes. He's always dressed in black with intricate designs. He holds himself high as the Vampire King Duzell.

Duzell can change people into vampires but one bite from him doesn't mean that they'll be turned into one. The way biting works in his world is that it requires the vampire to cast a spell while consistently manipulating and drinking the blood of the said human being for a consistent amount of time. When they are turned into a vampire, they have no will of their own. They will be free to do as they please but their wills and mind come back to Duzell. They have an urge to do anything that he wants them to do and they cannot disobey him. If they do then it then the person must have a huge amount of mental resistance in order to break a bond that powerful.

Any form of iron or metals will not work on him. In cases with vampires in Duzell's world, a cold steel weapon cannot cut a vampire of his kind, but they need a specific vampire hunting weapon that specialized in killing vampires or have a magical sword capable of defeating a vampire with a huge amount of magical energy. In short anything supernatural and magical has to be stronger than Duzell in order to hurt him. For example a sword like Sidia created from many vampire souls would be able to damage him severely. Even normal magical swords would take some time to hurt him but it would definitely hurt him more than if you were swinging a metal sword around.

[ Sample ] :
[ Duzell replied realizing after Minato's post that something was seriously wrong and it didn't take a genius to figure what happened to him. He's really sour and in a bad mood. He's not a vampire anymore. In fact, he's pretty damn human as far as he was concerned. He didn't like losing his heightened senses and being human meant he had to eat normal meals not blood... What the hell. Duzell shifts with an annoyed look towards the screen but when was he not angry at the things that happened in this terrible place? He's already ticked off at it as is. He didn't mind it too much but the events were downright silly and stupid. In his case he disliked feeling human.

The fact that he was forced to be human at all irked him. As much as mortality intrigued him at some point in his life, it was practically useless to be mortal. Mortals died easily and they were doomed to disease and old age. He was perfectly fine being the way he was right now, but at the same time that was also the reason why he had sought something out to quench his boredom. ]

Bite me without my permission and you will severely be hurt for it. I know methods of breaking those of you who want to sink their fangs on me. I highly suggest you ask and if I'm generous enough MAYBE I'll comply. That's a maybe but don't expect much from me. I refuse to let low minded creatures such as yourself bite me.

[ He mused arrogantly because being the Vampire King and all makes one a little too arrogant and prideful. He's going to pause before he speaks again. ]

You...I am sure you know who you are. I want your status report...or I'm tracking you against your will.

[ because it's the only way he can even show he somewhat cares about some people :| cuz yeah he's just a jerk that way. Minato where are you? Duzell will not be happy when he can't find you of course. He will find you mostly. You shouldn't be avoiding him like that. ]

Rose, Nai, Yujinn, Naoto, and anyone else I am missing? I want a status report on you as well. If you don't respond, expect me to hunt you down. Trust me, I know how to find you without my sense of smell. Don't test me.

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[ Questions? Comments? Concerns? ] : N/A
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