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[ Hello Vatheonites, how is your Christmas Day going? Unfortunately for a certain kitty, he's drenched in water and looking rather wet for wear. One minute he was hanging in Ishtar's room as a cat and the next thing he knew he was in the middle of some weird location in the middle of god knows where covered in water. A wet cat is a very unhappy cat. In fact, he might have been a little hostile growling a few of the natural residents here.

Duzell shakes off his fur as much as he could to get dry. He should probably change back and walk off as if nothing happened but someone might see. He'd rather not get himself in a tight situation with people knowing his secret and stuff like that. The cat actually notices the strange communication device lying on the floor next to him recording him but he didn't know that it was recording him. The cat just decides to paw it a little here and there before it turns off completely. He'll probably try to figure it out later but yeah.

Anyone is free to go ahead and pick him off the street adopt him to their house or whatever because you're all in for a surprise when you learn about what he really is folks, but yeah. Have a cute adorable tiger looking wildcat who is practically harmless shaking off water. ]

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[Nepeta is just wandering the streets right now, looking rather miserable. This may be why her kitty radar is less alert than usual, but either way once she stumbles across Duzell her eyes go wide and her face lights up as she exclaims - ]

Kitty! Hi! You're so cute!

...oh no, you're wet!

[And if he doesn't run off she'll be scooping him up and taking off her own coat to wrap him in, making a comforting purring noise the whole while.]

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[ He can't tell if that's a human or some kid in a get up but either way he was none too pleased with the fact that there was a someone moving towards him. He really doesn't like being treated like a cat most of the time so he's going to be very aggressive and try to fight his way out of her arms. Yes, he's wet, and no he isn't cute. You'd be surprised once you figure out what he really is girl. :| ]
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[Nepeta just laughs when he starts struggling - troll skin is much tougher than human skin so the struggling and even scratching and biting don't bother her too much. She's spent most of her life hunting and taking down beasts many times larger than herself, after all.]

Don't be silly, kitty, I'm trying to dry you off and get you warm again! No one likes being wet, nuh uh.

[But she's never one to be mean, so if he really insists on getting away from her, she will let him go. It'll make her sad though. Finding a cat was one of the few bright spots in her time here so far.]

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[ What kind of skin is this?! He will not accept this kind of defeat. The kitty continues to struggle in her grasp. He had better things to do than be chilling with strangers. ]


[ a complaint from Duzell. No one asked for your help you silly girl....but after a while he decides to just give it a rest. There was no reason for him to exhaust himself but the cat was still slightly growling below his breath but at least he stopped struggling.

Okay you silly girl. IF you want to play this kind of game...he'll humour you until he gets what he wants out of you...eventually. ]
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That's better! There's a good kitty. Hmm, I wonder what's your name.

[Nepeta giggles a bit more at the muttered growling, fluffing up Duzell's hair as she rubs him dry.]

You're as much of a grumpy pants as Karkitty, you know! Isn't this lots lots better? Do you want something to eat now?
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[Izaya's been lurking around the fountain and waiting for people to come out. So when a cat comes out- it's a change for the best if you ask him.]

Ah! Nnn, kitty!

[He will save you. Izaya dashes over and whisks the cat up from the ground. What is this cat. He doesn't know but it's still pretty cute.]

Not fun being wet, is it? Hrm, poor thing. I wonder if you have a...

[He looks over to the fountain, frowning when there seems to be no human attached to the cat. So...he holds the cat up to look at it face-to-face]

Can you talk?

[Now this may seem weird but Vatheon's brought in some pretty weird creatures, okay?]

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LOL Sure go for it XD ahahahahahaahah lol :: action

[ Duzell is shaking off the water a bit while keeping his golden eyes out for anyone that was approaching and yeap, he definitely spotted a kid approaching him. What is with this place? It's filled with teenagers Ishtar's age and that's not really a good thing. He had to find the princess after all if she was even to begin with. He didn't even know what here was. ]


[ Oh don't go dashing over to him like that. He's a wildcat but he makes a good pet because he's a kitten still and struggling to get off of the boy. This is really getting old. ]


[ Yeah at least no one he can smell right now and...he's going to give the boy a weird look. So there were talking animals here now? REALLY? ]

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