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[ Hello Vatheonites, how is your Christmas Day going? Unfortunately for a certain kitty, he's drenched in water and looking rather wet for wear. One minute he was hanging in Ishtar's room as a cat and the next thing he knew he was in the middle of some weird location in the middle of god knows where covered in water. A wet cat is a very unhappy cat. In fact, he might have been a little hostile growling a few of the natural residents here.

Duzell shakes off his fur as much as he could to get dry. He should probably change back and walk off as if nothing happened but someone might see. He'd rather not get himself in a tight situation with people knowing his secret and stuff like that. The cat actually notices the strange communication device lying on the floor next to him recording him but he didn't know that it was recording him. The cat just decides to paw it a little here and there before it turns off completely. He'll probably try to figure it out later but yeah.

Anyone is free to go ahead and pick him off the street adopt him to their house or whatever because you're all in for a surprise when you learn about what he really is folks, but yeah. Have a cute adorable tiger looking wildcat who is practically harmless shaking off water. ]
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