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[Character Name] Vampire King Duzell
[Canon] Vampire Game

[Age] 21 in Vampire, 15 as Ishtar, and 0 as a Kyarru
[Gender] Male
[Sexual Orientation] Bisexual

[Eye Color] Red as Vampire, Green as Ishtar, and red as Kyarru
[Hair Color] Silvery white as Vampire, Raven black as Ishtar, and grayish white as Kyarru
[Height] 5’11” as Vampire, 5’2” as Ishtar, and 33 inches as Kyarru
[Other] When he takes the form of Ishtar, usually, Duzell is mistaken for a beautiful female. You won’t know unless he tells you, and/or something happens that he is exposed.
When he is in his true form, Duzell is often seen wearing robes of dark colours, mostly black with decorations of jewels and stones the colour of red, with gold. His black robes are usually really long with long sleeves and a cloak that is over his his shoulders. He is often seen wearing tall raven leather boots that match off his outfit. for the most part, he wears completely black with exceptions of the decorations around his form, that would resemble a noble or king of sort, which he is, but people don't know that.

In Ishtar's form, he is seen wearing just a simple form of clothing that Ishtar has picked out for him. It varies. Though most the time, it's feminine clothing or a dress, in which Duzell doesn't find comfortable in, but he wears it because he has to, and to ensure his identity is not at risk as well. When he in these attires, mostly during travels he would be seen wearing dark pants with a sash and a armless shirt. Boots clad his feet as well.

As a Kyarru. He doesn't wear much, he's a house cat totally butt naked with his fur and all, and that is it.

Duzell, in his past, was a Vampire King. The absolute King of the entire Vampire race then. He had humans and vampires bow before him, bending to his every will, every whim. The people were merely puppets, for him to pull their strings. They were merely tools, toys that he used to achieve what he wanted. He had no friends, and no allies, only puppets, marionettes made of sand and dust, shells that he poured himself into. He could not respect them, or love them. In his eyes, puppets could not love, only serve their purpose. His subjects, servants, were food, or toys. The Vampire King decided to bring war upon the humans, right at that moment, saying he was bored of his own existence. His subjects all were confused, and had wanted to know why, so he gave their answers, but he was sure that many would perish when he died, though many would survive, but their lives, but would their lives be any less empty than his?

Hence, the Vampire King, slain half the free world of humans. Through the war, he met the warrior, the Saint of the kingdom of Pheliosta, St. Phelios. There, the young King placed the spell of destruction, The "La Gamme" spell, placed on the holy sword, the Ruelle created from the vampire souls of the Vampire King's clan, Sidia, to end both the lives of the Vampire King, Duzell, and his own. Before his death, the Vampire King sword revenge, a curse placed on St. Phelios. After a century of darkness, his soul would be then reborn in the body of one of his descendants and at the same time, The Vampire King would be once more, reborn. He promised to drain all the blood from the body, tear it limb from limb, and laughed while his soul is condemned in a lake of fire. Ninety-Nine and a half years later, it was time. For Vampires to be reborn, in his world, they must come in pact with a female animal.

A mother Kyarru, enraged with the fact that her children were tormented and then slaughtered by the humans, was enraged enough to accept the vampire's offer, that if he allowed the cat to gain revenge for the death of her children, that she would given him a body to keep his soul in. With the agreement sealed, the vampire possessed the Kyarru, and one by one, killed all the men that were responsible for the death of her children. Once that was done, the Kyarru was spotted by the royal Princess, the Great-Granddaughter of the St. Phelios, Princess, Ishtar, and drawn by her holy magic, and her possession of Sidia, Phelios' sacred sword, that the Kyarru was murdered in the process, by the knight, and the Captain of the Royal Guard, as well as Princess Ishtar's royal babysitter, Sir Darres, and hence after her death, granted a baby Kyarru that the vampire was given the body for.

He Was reborn finally, but he felt an odd need for warmth, and could not see, perhaps because of the baby's body that he possessed. It didn't last that long, however, Princess Ishtar brought of the ludicrous idea of bringing the baby Kyarru home and chase the palace mice off, as she was speaking to darers about that, the Kyarru bit her, and sampled her blood. He was mistaken, but the girl was not that soul of Phelios. It was told that her blood was pure enough to tell that Phelios shall be reborn in the same family. Taken to the castle, the Vampire King watched closely, smelling everything that had the young Saint's scent on it. Being stuck as a house cat, it was exactly the best way to find the Reincarnation of his foe, but the Kyarru would rely on the help of the Princess of the house of Phelios.

Ishtar, whose form he can take, whenever he pleases, minus a minour detail due to the fact that his magical powers were still incomplete at the time, and the transformation spell didn't go very well. He was still in the body of a male with a female's face. Now, his main priority was to find Phelios' Reincarnation and needed the help of Ishtar, and his other one eventually was to watch out for her royal highness, making sure that the Princess wouldn't get her ass in trouble or cause anything sort of trouble. Though, it never seems to work, that Duzell was always watching out for the Princess, and protecting her against troubles, she eventually sports up a lot of trouble right form the beginning by agreeing with her Aunt Ramia that Darres, her Guard was going to kick all her son’s asses. Duzell ends up posing, as Ishtar and entering that same tournament to make sure that none of the Princes of La Naan would win.

It is briefly showed that, Duzell had some interest in the eldest prince of La Naan, Prince Seiliez. As displayed when Seiliez won a fight in the beginning of the Tournament and Duzell rewards him with a kiss as he still plays Princess Ishtar, making Seiliez think that the kiss was from Ishtar. Duzell realizes sooner in the La Naan arc, that all the Princes were adopted. He became angered and rushed his way through fights as Ishtar and winning them, as well as advancing to the finals. He would just have to beat one more person and he would be able to go home and continue his search. Well, not so much, because he was captured when he returned towards Ishtar’s room as a Kyarru. Vord, the youngest prince of La Naan used a net to catch him and tossed him in the middle of a forest somewhere.

He was lost and stuck with a mother Kyarru and her baby kyarrus. Duzell soon escapes that and somehow runs in the middle of a fight that was going on. The fight a few days later, was with Prince Laphiji, the second prince of La Naan, and a vampire, who was cloaked over, that his identity was unknown to Duzell. Thinking that he was an ally, he went to save the vampire when Laphiji was about to destroy it. When the vampire was freed, he thanked Duzell, then he cut open Duzell’s stomach open and left him there to die, claiming that he was indeed a vampire who was reincarnated, and he assumed that Duzell was Duzell the Vampire King, Duzell and told him that when he gets reincarnated again, he could see the world where this Vampire would open to him. Thankfully, Laphiji was able to save Duzell with a healing spell and running back to Ishtar, he told her of the situation that was soon to be resolved and that the fight he missed was indeed over and they were returning to Pheliosta again.

After returning briefly to Pheliosta, Duzell was once more dragged with Ishtar to return to La Naan to test Seiliez’s blood, because the eldest prince was indeed a descendant of Phelios and that he was borne of a whore and Lady Ramia’s late husband. Ishtar had her Lilke ring and used it to her advantage, though, not only did she screw up the place, but they were stranded in the middle of nowhere. Duzell had not recalled the surroundings well either. Dressed in garments that Ishtar shoved at him, he was stuck in the middle of a wasteland wit her and there, was a group of bandits that were picking on an old man. Before that she explained to Duzell that she used to play with her cousin here, that was why they ended up here. They were a few miles off of Ci Xeneth. She said that Seiliez can wait. Being the kind hearted trouble-making princess she was, Ishtar jumped into the scene and zapped one guy by accident with her magic.

When they came at her, she threw Duzell Sidia and ran off to help the old man, while leaving a rather annoyed vampire to fight a horde of bandits. Duzell was displeased beyond belief and annoyed a the same time, because when he went to draw the sword, Sidia would not budge, because he was a vampire, and because he was not a descendant of Phelios and had no blood of the holy warrior in his body, and the sword was uselessly held in spot. Despite that, he managed to beat the crap out of all the bandits and came back unscathed and with an unsheathed sword as well. Then there was this young man no older than 17 years of age appeared with a bunch of soldiers. At first Duzell did not realize his compliment but then he took Sidia and drew it effortlessly, and Duzell screamed aloud ‘Phelios,’ that had the young man stare at him blankly as well as Ishtar muttering something about how he didn’t look like Phelios at all.

After that, and somewhere along the lines, Ishtar had declared herself to be ‘Du’s’ big brother, and ‘Du’ at this point was Duzell was forced to be the girl and he was pissed, as well as she put him in a dress and set him in front of her uncle’s dinner table, that got him even more nervous and irritated. Though, as it progresses, Duzell slowly grows a bit infatuated in Illsaide, the supposed male that he called ‘Phelios,’ and the one that could draw the Holy Sword of St. Phelios, Sidia. Though, he figured out that Illsaide was only in love with Falan, Ishtar’s cousin, and that he needed time to love Duzell. Heartbroken for the first time, the vampire was a bit saddened. At the end of the arc, and the death of her Uncle by one of his men, the Late Lord Jened told everyone that Falan and Illsaide were actually half siblings. Despite that, Ishtar had blown up on Illsaide for hurting Duzell and then telling him that Duzell was actually a man. Idiocy ensues and Duzell has yet to kill Ishtar.

Not so long after their return to Pheliosta, Ishtar starts up a storm about how half siblings cannot be married. There is a big argument over that and Duzell later tells Ishtar that the people around her were not mere puppets for her to control. Though, ironically, he thought of it himself, and realized that he was being a hypocrite, and in the past, he had done the same exact thing, using people to bend to his every need, his every whim. About a month or so from the Ci Xeneth arc, Duzell was attempting to bite Ishtar once more, to see if she was the reincarnation or not, because he assumed it might be a mistake because when he came to the world again, he was still new to it. He saw in her eyes the soul of Phelios, but it was not certain that she was Phelios. Sir Keld confronts Ishtar and tells her that her Aunt Sonia is really ill.

Ishtar gets on a carriage and heads off to Zi Alda with Duzell and he gets a chance at biting Sonia and her pig of a cousin, Yuujel as she claimed. There he meets her Aunt Sonia and her son was nowhere to be seen. Ishtar found out she was tricked and complained about it to Duzell. Duzell would sit and listen to her complain about Sir Keld to Falan and then falling asleep on the spot. Duzell then reveals to her soon after that he was able to regain his true form. He was then shoved out to find Sonia. When he did however, it seemed they were talking about something that he was a bit intrigued by. Nonetheless, Sonia collapsed so Duzell went and checked her pulse, within the process, he was able to take blood from her and find that she was indeed not the a descendant of Phelios. She was also very sick as Duzell claimed to Ishtar.

Duzell also runs into Sharlen after a while, but at first, he was surprised that he had the face of one of his older allies, someone that was close to family to him, a woman by the name of Diaage. The vampire does encounter Sharlen later in the story and calls him out. Sharlen only mocks Duzell for his personality swap, from a vampire who wanted to end the world with his puppets, to a soft sap that was sparing people’s lives. With all the events going about in Zi Alda, Duzell learns that Ishtar’s magic teacher; Yujinn was actually The famous Sir Yuujel of Zi Alda. He never got a chance to take Yuujel’s blood before they had once more finished what they done there and headed off home once more.

Duzell is an exceptionally heartless and cold person by nature. He is a vampire, who cares for no one but himself. He does not know what love was, and did not know how to love. He only knew of destruction, lust, pride, and arrogance. He is all that in his past. Duzell cared not for what lives were at stake, and would rage any war without the consent of his puppets, though he stated that they would go on living without his existence, but their lives would be just as empty as his. Duzell was a fearless warrior of darkness, close to the devil himself, but after his death, and reincarnation, Duzell is much different. He is more open, and sometimes gets angry more often then he should have.

He had to experience a lot of odd events and things that even he had never done before in his past life. Most of all, his thoughts of revenge for Phelios was slowly decaying, but at the same time, he still stated that he needed to find the reincarnated king and kill him, to satisfy his lingering vengeance.

These events happen due to the Great Grand daughter of his enemy, Princess Ishtar. Ironic in a way, yes, but that was how it happened. Duzell started out to believe her as a useful tool in finding the Reincarnation of Phelios and saved her from a minour poisoning and thus, their alliance began. Duzell finds Ishtar an idiot who doesn’t know how to control her actions or deeds. She does what she wants and it frustrates and angers him, though he did complain to that the people around her were not her puppets, her recollected his own past, and how he treated his people as toys and puppets for his personal gain.

Duzell also becomes a bit more merciful, sparing lives of others and saving people that were around Ishtar. An example of him sparing a life was when he encountered Sharlen for the first time, assuming he was one of his previous puppets, he attempted to spare him, only to be severely wounded by Sharlen in the process. As for helping people around Ishtar, he had played Ishtar’s personal ‘doctor’ and watched over her Aunt Sonia before the elderly lady died. Duzell silently a form of resentment for Darres, though he doesn’t always show it, his words are clear enough.

He had many times thought that if Darres was out of the picture, he’d be able to have Ishtar love him. Though, she would be saddened by it. Illsaide mentions something like that in the later parts of the manga. He may seem like he’s been stupefied by Ishtar a lot, but the vampire king is also witty and has his own agenda at times. He does switch on an off from the current Duzell to the old Duzell.

Can change forms between Ishtar, True Form, and Kyarru. He mixes a good blood and sand. He is capable of destructive black magic that could destroy a large chunk of property just like that. His most durable and easy to use magic is blood magic, which requires droplets of blood in order to set the spell to work. It is efficient and quiet, saves time and incantations aren’t very long. Duzell can take forms of anyone whom he drinks the blood from. All he needs is a blood sample, or a small amount of blood, he can change forms between any human. He is an expert swordsman, based on the events that happened in La Naan, you could see how aggressive and quick he is on his feet.

Duzell is capable of drawing blood with an edgeless sword, and that surprised many people during that fight. He may seem frail and weak, but Duzell is anything but that. There was also a time when he beat down a group of bandits without even drawing the sword, well because that sword was of Phelios he could not draw the sword and hence, fought with it without unsheathing it and succeeding in knocking all the bandits unconscious and useless.

He's super quick and can change into a bat when he's in his Vampire form. When is Ishtar; he sparks a lot of gender confusion. Duzell is the only vampire that is able to use holy magic, though the time only allowed it because he was under the roof of a tower warded with very I mean very powerful ruelles that dampened his powers, perhaps neutralizing his vampiric traits, allowing him to cast holy spells. Thanks to Ishtar, a lot of the spells are burned in his head, and he didn't exactly believe that it would be possible to cast holy magic. Though one spell, he was able to use, the Spell of "La Gamme" the same spell that Phelios had used almost a hundred years prior.

His abilities such as shape shifting and switching from form to form is up to the Mods if they want to allow him to do this or limit it and such, because I really don’t want to have him to seem almighty. As well as drawing blood and taking forms of other characters, I will personally ask permission to do so before I do it of course.

Duzell isn't the most affectionate person. Often seen to be a bit cold and ruthless. Though, there are few that stirred his heart, such as Ishtar for example. The words she says to him, makes him feel a bit embarrassed and warm inside. Though, he won't truly admit it, he likes her. As with Illsaide, it would be his first heartbreak, but he could probably like anyone and get along with anyone as long as they don't give him the short end of the stick. He is kind and caring at times, especially to those who he has become close to or the family of that person. Again, Ishtar example. He willingly takes care of Sonia on Ishtar's request before she dies.

Kissing, hugging and whatever else is perfectly fine with me. Though the kissing thing would take time to develop for the character. He won't just kiss you just because you like him or something. Duzell shows affection also to people that intrigue him, or interest him in many ways. People like Sharlen, would not be okay. If you're his enemy, it'd best not to try to be friends with him. You can try, but it will be very futile.

Duzell's fighting is basic. He's excels in swordsmanship. He fights with or without a sheathed sword. He moves quickly with a lot of speed and guile. Instead of using stamina and such things normal warriors use, he uses his quick movements and speed to win the enemy with simple strikes. He is also capable of drawing blood from someone with an edgeless sword, example, with Vord, one of Ishtar's cousin that fights Duzell as Ishtar without knowing at first of course, and for a long while. He was easily defeated by Duzell in a matter of minutes, and humiliating him a lot. The fight with the bandits near Ci Xeneth also tells that Duzell is deadly with a sword. He knocked out all of the bandits effortless with a sword that could not be drawn.

Basically saying, he's quick on his feet and rather deadly in a fight. It's almost impossible to kill him, unless they matched his speed and agility, as well as normal crosses, garlic and such things are not his weaknesses. Duzell also fights with magic. Though, he fights with magic most the time in his Vampire form, his true form. Deadly spells creating mass destruction from a simple incantation. If hit, I am sure you can possibly get severely injured or almost near death. Duzell prefers to use blood magic, though sometimes, he could be seen chanting incantations for other spells. Yes he could be injured at any time and anywhere.

It could take some time, however. Note, though, that he is immortal and that vampire legends have no effect on him. You would need a really powerful Ruelle i.e. Sidia, or something along those lines to kill him as well as dampening his powers requires a lot of Legsaram charms that are focused on shielding out the undead. Yes, he can be killed, but please don't kill him. He died... once already.

[Other Facts] None at he moment.
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